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Stepping Forward as a Red Cross Disaster Volunteer

It would be a great opportunity to get to know more people and to help.

Carolin and Jeus Pfaffenbad, Residents of Germany who are in South Carolina temporarily for a work assignment, stepped forward as Red Cross volunteers to assist with Hurricane Matthew preparations. Carolin and Jeus saw and article about Red Cross disaster preparations in the Post & Courrier and decided to see if they could be of assistance to their friends and neighbors dealing with the approach of Hurricane Matthew.

“It’s a good thing to help people. It doesn’t matter if you are German or American, we are all people," said Jeus.

Back in Germany Jeus has been a volunteer firefighter for the past 12 years. Carolin is a social worker. Neither of them have prior experience as Red Cross volunteers, but after brief training they have found a role helping to staff a Red Cross shelter.

You can follow the lead of Carolin and Jeus by becoming a volunteer with the Red Cross to assist your friends and neighbors. Volunteers are currently helping with sheltering, feeding, and operational support.

“It would be a great opportunity to get to know more people and to help,” said Jeus.

Getting started is easy. New volunteers can visit and click on volunteer to start their application. Red Cross volunteer training is free and open to the public. A background check will be performed on every volunteer applicant.

Picture Caption: American Red Cross Shelter Lead Volunteer Ed Ballard reviews sheltering procedures with new Red Cross volunteers Carolin and Jeus Pfaffenbach.