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The Enduring legacy of the Yawkey Foundation

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Funding from the Yawkey Foundation is vitally important to our local community

Educating the public, responding to local disasters and being a good neighbor is something the American Red Cross of the Cape, Islands and Southeast Massachusetts does every day. To make this happen it takes the generous support of our donors, which enables all the good things our volunteers do to help the local communities we serve.

The American Red Cross of the Cape, Island and Southeast Massachusetts is again the proud recipient of a $25,000 grant from the Yawkey Foundations.

The Yawkey Foundations grant goes directly to disaster services which makes possible the support the American Red Cross gives to those affected by disasters such as home fires and floods.

Cape, Islands and Southeast Massachusetts residents suffered hundreds of home fires and other incidents in 2014. American Red Cross disaster services responds to these disasters and gives direct assistance in the form of money to purchase clothes, food, and furniture, as well as money for temporary lodging.

The Yawkey Foundations have awarded nearly $400 million in grants to nonprofit organizations serving the people of New England since 1977.

“The funding from the Yawkey Foundation is so vitally important to the work we do in our local community,” said Hilary Greene, Executive Director of the American Red Cross Cape, Islands, and Southeast Massachusetts Chapter. “Without their continued support our volunteers would not be able to do the work they do every day of the year assisting victims of disaster from home fires to blizzards and hurricanes. We are grateful for their support, it means so much to our volunteers and truly makes a difference in our community,” said Greene.

“As a volunteer with the Red Cross I have seen firsthand how important it is to support the work of the volunteers who aid in disasters, especially local devastating events that affect our community,” said Judy Walden Scarafile, Trustee with the Yawkey Foundations. “The Yawkey Foundations’ grant supports this mission. It is always nice to remember that strong connection since Jean Yawkey was a Red Cross volunteer in the 1940s.  So ultimately this grant further supports her good work,” said Scarafile.

The Yawkey Foundations trace their origins back over eight decades to the philanthropic commitments of Tom and Jean Yawkey. With great concern for the forgotten and underserved, Tom and Jean Yawkey took careful steps to ensure that their legacy would live on through the work of the Yawkey Foundations. The Yawkeys were perhaps best known for their longtime ownership of the Boston Red Sox. More quietly, but with just as much passion and commitment, Tom and Jean Yawkey were also engaged in an unwavering dedication to those most in need.

Tom and Jean Yawkey's philanthropic legacy was transformed with the 2002 sale of the Boston Red Sox, which added nearly $400 million in proceeds to Yawkey Foundations. As a result of Tom and Jean Yawkey's generosity, the Yawkey Foundations have awarded nearly $400 million in grants to nonprofit organizations serving the people of New England and Georgetown, South Carolina since 1977.