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The Red Cross Can Help You Prepare

Almost everyone believes being prepared is important, but it’s a fact that close to 60 percent of Americans are unprepared for a disaster of any kind.

It might sound like a big job, but getting prepared is easy—and the American Red Cross has products that make it even easier.

Kits If you want to put together your own emergency preparedness kit, the Red Cross has a list of the basic supplies a family should have.

If you’re pressed for time and want to purchase a ready-made kit, the Red Cross has plenty to choose from. Some kits—such as the Vintage-Style Emergency Preparedness Kit and the Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit—contain everything from emergency food and water to first aid supplies and a radio.

The Personal Safety Emergency Pack includes basic preparedness and first aid items, and is small enough to stash in a glove compartment.

Emergency Radios The electricity is out, and you need information fast. The American Red Cross Microlink FR160 Eton Emergency Radio and the Solarlink FR360 Eton Emergency Radio can help keep you informed.

Both radios can be charged with both solar power and a hand crank, giving you unlimited power for AM/FM radio, NOAA weather channels, emergency lights, cell phone battery life and more.

The Go-To Site for Emergency Preparedness The Red Cross Store has many other supplies to help you and your family prepare—everything from emergency lights and water storage to guides on first aid and CPR. Check it out today!