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The Red Cross Helps After Chelsea Stree Fire

With the fire out on Chelsea Street in East Boston, families are now looking to rebuild their lives.

The building where the fire originated has been destroyed. Damage in nearby units is significant, if not total. There were 22 occupied units touched by the fire of April 1, 2012.

American Red Cross volunteers were on scene Sunday night as the fire was still being put out. Some were caseworkers who sat on an MBTA bus hearing stories from those who had just lost everything. Some worked with local officials making sure there was a place to go if shelter were needed. Still others made sure there was food and water on hand in the immediate crisis.

Today 35 adults, 9 children have been served by the American Red Cross so far at this scene. With immediate needs for shelter met, volunteers offered counseling, referrals for housing, and emergency funds for food and clothes.

It is believed there are more who need help.

If you are a victim from this fire, or if you would like to help fund disaster relief, call 1-800-564-1234. The American Red Cross is not a government agency, and is supported by the generosity of the American people. Your gift will help those in East Boston help rebuild their lives.