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Tossing and Turning Over the Red Cross

Scott Saleme Red Cross Chesapeake
I took some comfort in knowing that the Red Cross was there.

It has been a great first week as CEO of the American Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region. After my first full day on the new job, I tossed and turned like a kid on Christmas Eve. It was a good kind of restlessness. As I lie awake, I thought about all of the talented volunteers and staff I had met that day. I thought about the generous individuals and companies who donate money to make this work possible. I thought about how fortunate I am to be here during this exciting time in Red Cross history.

I also thought a lot about a TV news a story I saw earlier that day. A fire destroyed a home in a Baltimore suburb. A ten-year-old girl passed away in the blaze. That family will never be the same. I took some comfort in knowing that the Red Cross was there. Our workers were providing that family with the tangible necessities they needed but more importantly giving them emotional support and hope in their darkest hour. That is what we do.

I come to the Chesapeake Region from the Red Cross of the Piedmont Region in South Carolina. The landscape is a little different here and instead of “y’all” people call each other “hon” but the kind of help the Red Cross delivers is the same. No matter what the address on the letterhead says, we are all one Red Cross. Thanks to you, when disaster strikes in Maryland, across the country or around the world, the Red Cross will always be there.

I look forward to meeting many of your at the 2013 Hometown Heroes on March 15. Get your tickets now because this year’s honorees include the 2013 Super Bowl champs the Baltimore Raven’s and civic leader and New York Times bestselling author Ron Shapiro. In the meantime, know that I have an open door policy. Thanks to marvels of technology, my virtual door is always open too. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions or suggestions at (410) 624-2010, or Tweet me at @scottsalemme. Thank you again for your support of the American Red Cross.

Scott R. Salemme

Regional CEO

American Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region

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