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Tri-States Annual Meeting Held May 9th

We are so grateful for our volunteers and donors. We couldn't do any of this without them! - Sue Olsen, Executive Director

The 2013 American Red Cross of the Tri-States Annual Appreciation Evening took place on May 9 at the Star Brewery in the Stonecliff Winery Barrel Room. In attendance were board members, volunteers, community supporters, donors, staff, and guests.

Board of Directors and trust committee members were elected and installed. The event program included recognition of new volunteers for the 2012-2013 year as well as honoring volunteers for their years of service, most notably Gail Miller, a Red Cross volunteer for 40 years. Brandie Backes, Linda Bennett, Mark Bennett, Tanya Keppler, Julie Schulte, and Ronald Turner were recognized for 5 years of service. Nancy Peck was honored for 10 years of service and Catherine Basten for 20 years!

Special awards were presented to the following:

  • The Clara Barton Honor Award for Meritorious Volunteer Leadership, awarded to volunteers who have served in a number of leadership positions over a number of years that has contributed greatly to the overall support the Red Cross has given to the community, was given to Don Warren (Dubuque).
  • The Marion Hackney Disaster Volunteer Award is given in remembrance of Marion Hackney, who would go anywhere to help out anyone for the Red Cross. Jan Halsne, of Decorah, received this honor.
  • The Everett Hauber Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service was created in to honor Everett Hauber, who believed in the mission of the Red Cross and the spirit of volunteering and gave 32 years of distinguished service. This year, the award was given to two volunteers who demonstrated this belief as well; Kathy Miller (Dubuque) and Nancy Sacquitne (Decorah).
  • The Philanthropic Volunteer of the Year Award, which honors an individual who has stepped up and assisted immensely in the fund raising work of the Red Cross, was awarded to Board member Julie Johnson.
  • The Rookie of the Year Award, given to honor the great service performed by a volunteer in their first year with the Red Cross, was awarded to Martha Intveld (Dubuque).
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response Volunteer Award went to a volunteer who has had a significant impact within the Red Cross during a disaster response, showing readiness and leadership. This award was given to Catherine Basten (Dubuque).
  • The Volunteer Leadership Award was given to two volunteers who demonstrated superior leadership service within their local area and beyond. The nominees also displayed extraordinary commitment to the Red Cross in the performance of their job. For this award, there were two recipients; Jim and Gail Howatt (Decorah).
  • Community Partners recognized for their commitment to the Red Cross included AY McDonald Manufacturing Company (Dubuque), Alum Line, Inc. (Cresco), and Mystique Casino (Dubuque). In addition, Save the Day partners were honored.