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What is 100 Years Old and Red All Over?

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Everyone has been touched by the Red Cross. Please share your memories and photos with us.

In 1916, with the U.S. poised to join “the war to end all wars”, 25 concerned residents met at downtown L.A.’s Alexandria Hotel to form a Los Angeles chapter of the American Red Cross. They wanted to ensure that L.A. was ready to help the country in conflict, as well as during peacetime. In March, as we commemorate Red Cross Month, the Los Angeles Red Cross is launching its year-long Centennial celebration that will recognize the L.A. Chapter’s many accomplishments, as well as its future plans for making our communities stronger and more resilient in the next 100 years. 

Centennial Flashbacks 

You can begin the Centennial journey by reading Centennial Flashback articles that will posted periodically through the month of March on the LATalks blog. Written by former chapter historian Barbara Wilks, these articles are visual and written snapshots of significant moments in L.A.’s history. These also will be promoted through a social media campaign. 

Special Events 

During the coming year, you will have the opportunity to attend special events, beginning in April. If you have volunteered with the Region 100 hours or more, you are eligible to attend a private screening of a documentary by local filmmakers about the Red Cross Donut Dollies who served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. More information on that event and other public events will be announced soon. And just as in 1917, when the Red Cross launched “Project Orange Juice” to raise money to support the L.A Red Cross, a number of fundraising events will take place this Centennial year, concluding with a gala in March 2017. 

I Belong. 100 Years Strong. 

Since almost everyone has been touched by the Red Cross in one way or another, we invite you to share your Red Cross memories and photos with us. If you have assisted someone or been assisted by the Red Cross during times of disaster or while serving in the military, if you’ve given or received blood, taught or taken a swimming or first aid class, helped install smoke alarms through our Home Fire Prevention campaign or donated to the Red Cross, you belong to the Red Cross family, and we want to hear from you. Please send your memory and photos for posting on our Centennial bulletin board to