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Why I Help - Ramesh Patel

There are many folks working behind the scenes to make it possible for people to count on the American Red Cross. Ramesh Patel is one of them. Patel is a disaster volunteer with the Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter (MAC) of the American Red Cross. It was his job to keep track of supplies for each disaster. Supplies and equipment like ample food, warm clothing, required medical prescriptions, and accessible shelter. Currently, Patel is in India assisting on a volunteer project to manage a small hospital in a poor rural area.

But back when he was in the states overseeing supply flows at MAC Red Cross, it took no special insight to realize that Patel wasn't just a detached bean-counter. He still takes great pride in his efforts to ensure that disaster victims timely received Red Cross' needed services. Patel asserted that "My job [was] all about helping people affected by disaster." He stated that the size and type of the disaster determined the kind of financial budget set for it. However, the aim was always to alleviate the suffering wherever it occurs, and "people [were] very appreciative" of what the Red Cross could do at the disaster sites.

Patel was deployed to many disaster sites. He vividly remembers being part of the team bringing help to those affected by the San Diego Wildfire and the Tupelo Storm Relief efforts. He recalled that people on the field staff were always "supportive" of what the volunteer disaster budget personnel did.

Patel was moved to volunteer his time and talents with the American Red Cross because he couldn’t stand to see people suffer. He has been volunteering with the American Red Cross for four or five years. Retired at present, Ramesh Patel can give his full attention to his volunteer endeavors. As many others will attest to: He (Patel) makes a difference in the lives of those he helps. And, he made volunteering a family affair because his wife, Jyoti, often accompanied him as a Red Cross volunteer. She said that when Ramesh comes back to the states, he'll most likely start volunteering with Red Cross once again.