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Why I Help - Volunteer Freda Garner

March is Women’s History Month. And so, Red Cross volunteer Freda Garner is featured because her community service has been and continues to be superb. She seems to draw on inexhaustible reserves. Garner does the jobs that might not necessarily make the evening news. Instead, she chooses to administrate behind the scenes. Her coordinating hand allows the other valuable field volunteers to shine. Garner remarked, "I have found that regardless of the task, [every volunteer part has] importance in keeping the wheels of service turning at all times."

When speaking of Garner, the Louisville Area Chapter's Volunteer Services Manager, Paul Beede stated that she is just "amazing." He further pointed out that currently Garner volunteers in six different opportunities with the American Red Cross. They range from being a Blood Services Logistics and Scheduling Administrative Volunteer to being an Armed Forces Emergency Service Call Center International Social Services Caseworker.

"She [Garner] has a real commitment to the mission of the Red Cross, and she's dedicated herself to [the] community," Beede firmly asserts. Garner doesn't want glory and awards. But, they come her way all the same. According to Beede, Garner has been recognized as the most outstanding volunteer in several departments within Red Cross Louisville Area Chapter. She has twice received the prestigious Virginia Keeney Volunteer of the Year for Chapter Services Award, as well as being the recipient for many other awards inside and outside the American Red Cross organization.

In spite of the numerous award receipts and nominations, Garner remains humble and focused on whatever task she has taken in hand. Whether she is informing a Good Samaritan where to park to give blood at a local blood drive, or assisting a Bosnian family member locate a loved one, her motto has always been, "Get the job done." She further elaborated that "regardless of the task, [i]t is not only important to get the job done, but [to] be sure to have given it your very best."