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Youth Ambition to Make A Change


Considered to be a driven and goal oriented young lady, Riddhi Jani, Red Cross Youth Board Member, won a $1,000 scholarship in the 2012 Free Enterprise Speech Contest at the 79th Texas Farm Bureau meeting in Waco.

This was an extraordinary accomplishment as she has a vigorous schedule to juggle. She is a member in her schools speech and debate team, president of the National Honor Society, yearbook editor-in-chief, and also the president of Power Set.

Her ambition to help others is clearly visible here at the American Red Cross Rio Colorado Chapter. Riddhi sits as a Board of Director, as the Youth Board Member, encouraging youth involvement in the Red Cross’s yearly activities. One of her greatest accomplishments has been being the founder and president of the Youth American Red Cross Club at Bay City High School. In addition, she is always the first to jump into our mascot suit to put a smile on children’s faces during parades and special events.

Kristi Jones, Emergency Services Specialist sees her work first hand as a Red Cross Staff member; she said “We are very grateful to have her as part of our Red Cross team.” She has done a lot of good work at the chapter for being so motivated at a young age, Kristi says “the value of volunteering in our youth is extremely important; we appreciate everything she is doing for us.”

Photo Credit: The Bay City Tribune (grey scale picture)