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Zoom Media Helps Spread Coping Message Following Boston Marathon

Zoom Media donates ad space to help spread the coping message following the Boston Marathon Bombing.
Red Cross coping tips are being seen at 486 venues across the country. Thank you, Zoom Media, for helping us spread the word!

As they watched the Boston Marathon Bombing unfold on the news, staff members at Zoom Media knew they had to help. And one day after the tragedy, they did just that.

Zoom Media, a digital out-of-home company, reached out to the Red Cross on April 16. The company owns ad space in gyms, health clubs, bars and restaurants throughout the country, and was more than happy to offer up some free space to the Red Cross for several weeks.

Now, coping tips are being played at 486 venues across the country, popping up an estimated 979,776 times until mid-May.

Thank you, Zoom Media, for helping us spread the word.