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This Tax Season Donate to the Red Cross and Help California

Go to the "Voluntary Contributions" section of your California State Income Tax and look for Code #426 to make your donation.

It’s tax time once again, and it’s your chance to be a hero for those in need. New this year in the “Voluntary Contributions” section of your California State Income Tax return, is an option to donate to American Red Cross Disaster Relief in California!

Red Cross chapters in California responded to more than 3,000 disasters last year and helped nearly 4,600 families affected by those disasters, providing them with direct help or financial assistance to meet their basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, replacement medication, hygiene items, blankets and more.

The Red Cross relies on the generosity of donors to deliver disaster relief services. A contribution through your State income taxes is an easy way to be a hero and provide for critical emergency needs of those impacted by disaster.

Funds donated by California taxpayers will directly support Red Cross disaster relief services in California as well as help Californians prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. California income tax refunds will fund Red Cross services by:

  • Purchasing physical supplies to be used during disaster responses, such as cots, blankets, food, water, snacks, diapers and other baby supplies, cups, coffee, etc.
  • Providing direct financial assistance to families affected by disasters ranging from a single home fire affecting one family to a wildfire displacing dozens
  • Covering the costs of preparedness trainings for individuals and families
  • Supporting neighborhood pilot programs which help targeted communities build networks and plans to help them be more resilient in the face of disaster and better able to recuperate.
  • Fill in the amount you wish to contribute next to Code #426 in the “Voluntary Contributions” section of your California State Income Tax return. It’s never been easier to be a Hero!

    Consult with your tax preparer for more information about Voluntary Contributions.