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Outstanding Volunteers Recognized at Yearly Appreciation Event

Red Cross - San Diego - Volunteer Appreciation Event 2015
“Volunteers are an essential part of our team. Every day, their efforts help save lives. They work tirelessly to bring help and hope to people in their darkest hours. We are so grateful for their support."

Volunteers are the heart of the Red Cross. Each year, the Red Cross of San Diego/Imperial Counties holds a special appreciation event to honor and recognize its dedicated volunteers. This year’s event, held at Petco Park, provided a way to thank the volunteers who do so much for our organization.

“Volunteers are an essential part of our team,” said Regional CEO Bill Earley. “Every day, their efforts help save lives. They work tirelessly to bring help and hope to people in their darkest hours. We are so grateful for their support and we thank them for their extraordinary contributions throughout the year. We simply cannot do what we do without them.”

The following volunteers were awarded for their commitment to the Red Cross:

Volunteer of the Year Award

  • Cliff Hu
  • Rookie of the Year Award

  • Justin Schlaefli
  • Brandon Przepiroski
  • Maria Arredondo
  • Patty Garoutte
  • Carolann Derr
  • All-Star Volunteer Award

  • Cathy Wolfe
  • Jose Ortega Jr.
  • Jose Ortega Sr.
  • Ann Ballinger
  • Darren Levack
  • Spirit of Volunteerism Award

  • Tom Simpson
  • Sharon Nelson
  • Marielle He
  • Melissa Ganus
  • Rick Wall
  • Youth Services Outstanding Volunteer Award

  • Sabrina Wu
  • American Samoa: Outstanding Volunteer Award

  • Etuati Ene
  • The event also featured a celebration of years of service, which recognized the following volunteers:

    20-39 Years of Service

  • Bob Bray
  • Mary Clark
  • Rich Creiglow
  • Gayle Falkenthal
  • Edward Lucero
  • June Walsh
  • Wendi Maurer
  • Frank Carson
  • Bud Gardner
  • Kim Guevara-Harris
  • Rick Hinrichs
  • LeeRoy Collins
  • Dr. Mary-Alice Isenhart
  • Dr. Devora Lockton
  • Phyllis Allinson
  • Art DePaemelaere
  • Doug Kappel
  • Dr. Denee Lougeay [Lou-JAY]
  • Sue Mayberry
  • Bob Petersen
  • Dr. Enid Singer
  • Bruce Haupt
  • Henry Zebick
  • Debi Kirk
  • Teresa Van Horn
  • Dr. Roxanne Kobayashi
  • Charnelle Merrill
  • Jack Cater
  • Susan Peachy
  • Lynn Elliott
  • Paula Ferraco
  • Wally Smith
  • Carl Pope
  • 40-49 Years of Service

  • Ron Brav – 40 years
  • Bruce Bradley – 42 years
  • Bob Birch – 45 years
  • Over 50 Years of Service

  • Kat Greenhill – 52 years
  • Cathy Cary – 52 years
  • Joan Schleibaum – 75 years
  • Sue Zebick – 59 years
  • Dr. Robert Bregman – 73 years
  • Also recognized were the Volunteer of the Month recipients from throughout the year, including:

    Volunteers of the Month

  • Annette Taylor
  • Robert Tuala
  • Catalina Durate
  • Monique Knight
  • Melissa Maxwell
  • Scott Garner
  • Stan Hartman
  • Michael Trinh
  • Prachi Anshu
  • Sue Mayberry
  • Ann Ballinger
  • Roman Jugai
  • “We had a great time celebrating our volunteers,” said Regional Volunteer Services Officer Curt Luthye. “They give so much of their time and energy to our organization. It’s an honor be able to recognize them. The volunteers honored truly embody the spirit of the Red Cross.”