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Giving Day
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Even when there is no disaster in the news; the American Red Cross helps people facing emergencies every day. That’s why the Red Cross is kicking off its first, nationwide, Giving Day – an “All in One Day” fundraising campaign on June 2, to support those in need cross the country.

Just this month, Red Cross volunteers provided meals, relief supplies, shelter and helped people begin the recovery process in Nepal, Philadelphia and New York, and in numerous states affected by tornadoes and flooding.

Did you know?:

  • Nearly 200 times a day, the Red Cross helps a family affected by a home fire or other disaster.
  • The Red Cross needs 15,000 blood donations every day.
  • Every day the Red Cross provides nearly 1,000 services to military members and their families.
  • With the help of partners, the Red Cross helps vaccinate 308,000 children a day, globally, against measles or rubella.
  • On average, 15,500 people a day learn how to save a life through Red Cross health and safety training and mobile app downloads.
  • We couldn’t be there to help without the generous support of the American public. This Giving Day, we are asking everyone to make a donation online to the Red Cross. You can even schedule your Giving Day donation today.

    Join us to help bring more good days to those in need.