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Boulder County Open Space Recognizes Behind The Red

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"This is an especially important time to welcome new stewardship partners."

On October 16, 2014, Boulder County Parks and Open Space honored the members of Behind the Red, the active professionals’ arm of the American Red Cross Mile High Chapter. Boulder County Parks and Open Space recognized Behind the Red for their participation in the organization’s Partnership Program and thanked members for their volunteer work mitigating fire dangers. 

The Boulder County Open Space Partnership Program began six years ago; Behind the Red became an official Foothills Partner in 2014. Behind the Red volunteers committed to completing a minimum of one project each year.  

On June 14, 2014, Behind the Red members spent a day of hard labor to support fire mitigation at Hall Ranch Open Space in Lyons. They spent the day piling up logs and debris that had been cut by previous volunteers. The wood stacks will be part of a controlled burn during the winter. The project was a natural fit for Red Cross volunteers because the work helps restore the forests to a healthy state and reduces fire hazard – a preparedness and prevention activity that aligns well with the Red Cross mission to prevent human suffering in the face of emergencies.

"Boulder County Parks and Open Space is delighted to include Behind the Red in our Partnership Program, as part of our family that cares deeply for our public lands. This is an especially important time to welcome new stewardship partners because of the damage our parks and trails sustained from the 2013 flood. We look forward to providing Behind the Red rewarding projects into the future," said Karen Imbierowicz, Boulder Counter Parks and Open Space Partner Coordinator.

Behind the Red members are looking forward to more projects in 2015. Mieke Shierer, Volunteer Committee Chair, said he is excited about the partnership and confident Behind the Red will be a great partner for Boulder County Parks and Open Space.

To learn more about Behind the Red or to join, please visit