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Home Owners Companion Resuscitated After A Home Fire

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Many know that home fires are unexpected but so was the gasp of breath from a lucky home owners companion found after a home fire broke out at Lakeside Place Apartment late Monday evening.

When the Houston Fire Department arrived on the scene they had discovered a car burning in a ground level garage. The fire didn’t stop there; it extended to the second and third floor of the structure scorching everything in reach.

Firefighters were relieved to learn it wasn’t a frolicking fire; it remained confined exclusively to one building damaging a total of ten units by smoke, water, or fire.

At first glance, a thought of alarm runs through your mind and you can’t help but ask “was anyone inside?”

In the search, firefighters managed to rescue a cat and a lifeless dog from an apartment and quickly took action to save his life.

Using only a pet mask and oxygen, they began to resuscitate the lifeless dog. When it seemed like there was no hope in sight the adorable tan colored puppy surged with excitement and joy.

Thankfully, Red Cross responders arrived at the scene and wrapped him with a warm blanket to protect him from the bitter cold weather.

After what seemed only minutes, the home owners arrived and where relieved to know their adorable companion was saved and Red Cross volunteers were present to help them back on the road to recovery.