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Amazing Arizona Student Creating Positive Change for the American Red Cross in India

This is the time of year when many in the community are taking time to pay tribute to the efforts of all those high school seniors graduating and moving on to college and future careers.  The achievements of of these kids is amazing and reassuring at the same time.  After all these kids really are our future.

Take the case of Roshini Kalagara who just graduated from Corona Del Sol High School, and who will be a member of the freshman class at Brown University in the fall.  As club president of the Corona Del Sol  Red Cross Club, her work during the 2015 and 2016 school year had a major impact on Indian Communities half way across the globe.   

Roshini began by contacting the Chairman of the Red Cross Society in India. She proposed creating a partnership with the Society and the Corona Del Sol High School Red Cross Club in the U.S.  “One of the most urgent needs that we deal with is our effort to collect blood through blood donation camps. Our Red Cross chapter supplies blood to a significant number of hospitals in the area but it can often be difficult to meet the needs of the hospitals and patients. This is mostly due to difficulty mobilizing people to donate blood because of the stereotypes that surround blood donation,” said Dr. M.B.S.V. Prasad, Chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society.

With that information, Roshini began a series of fundraising events to raise money for the Indian Red Cross Society.  She also began planning a trip to India to help organize and volunteer with the local blood donation camps.  Her arrival in October  of 2015 and speech at a college in the small town of Dumpagadapa,  inspired many young students to donate blood.

Together with the Indian Red Cross Society she was able to develop blood camps that involved traveling to rural villages in Southern India to promote blood donation and general health.

Roshini also assisted in the process of screening and matching the blood at the blood camps. By the time the project was over, hundreds of donors had shown up to donate blood at the blood camps organized by Roshini.  In all she was able to help arrange and obtain 1300 blood donations. 

An extraordinary effort for an adult, but even more impressive from  a 17 year high school senior.        

Congratulations Roshini!  Your future is brilliant, and so is ours because of the difference you are making in our world. Thank you!