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Making Disaster Relief Possible

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The Disaster Responder Program supports a vital arm of the work that we do.

Longtime Red Cross partner, Entergy Corporation, recently allocated a donation of $100,000 to the Louisiana chapter as part of its participation in the Red Cross’ Annual Disaster Responder Program.

“The Disaster Responder Program is a unique giving opportunity, supporting a vital arm of the work that we do,” says Kearney Gay, Chief Development Officer for the Louisiana Red Cross. “Having responded to widespread flooding throughout Louisiana twice during 2016, we cannot thank these donors enough for their generous contributions which allow us to fulfill our mission.”

Members of the Disaster Responder Program donate $250,000 or more annually to the Red Cross, the proceeds of which are allotted specifically for disaster preparedness.

“Members of this program pre-invest in disaster relief,” says Gay, “allowing us to stock and position supplies, maintain vehicles and train volunteers so we are ready to respond as soon as the need arises. This support also allows us to remain on the ground, assisting families and communities to recover in the aftermath of a hazardous event.”

Disaster donations are critical for the Red Cross to prepare for and respond to large scale emergencies. During the historic flooding that struck Louisiana this past August, gifts from partners such as Entergy as well as countless other organizations and individuals throughout the country allowed the Red Cross to:

·      Mobilize more than 4,700 Red Cross workers from every state in the country, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

·      Serve more than 1.27 million meals and snacks.

·      Distribute almost 700,000 relief items.

·      Provide more than 80,000 overnight stays in 73 emergency shelters – more than the number of overnight stays provided during Superstorm Sandy.

·      Address more than 41,000 calls from people seeking help.

·      Provide more than 42,000 health services and emotional support contacts. 

More than two months later, the Red Cross is still assisting those affected by the flood, following up with families and connecting them to the resources they need to get back on their feet.

Thank you to Entergy, and everyone who helps make our mission possible.

For more information on the Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP) and Disaster Responder Program, as well as other giving opportunities, please click here.