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MA volunteers lend hand after Oroville Dam evacuation Calif.

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The American Red Cross continues to feed and shelter people in California where authorities have lifted the mandatory evacuation order for almost 200,000 people near the Oroville Dam spillway. While the risk has been reduced, the region is expected to see several inches of rain in the next few days. Red Cross workers will remain in place in the event that anyone has to evacuate their homes again.

To date, three Red Cross volunteers from here in Massachusetts have been deployed to help lend assistance to those under evacuation orders near Sacramento. Volunteers will be assisting in sheltering operations, feeding and other services provided by the American Red Cross.

Local officials have also stated yesterday that the area remains under an evacuation warning - and that residents need to be ready to leave their homes again if the situation changes. As of Tuesday night, more than 1,500 people remained in 16 Red Cross and community shelters. While many people returned home, some decided to stay in the shelters for now.

“The Red Cross urges people in this region to get prepared now and remain prepared.  As local authorities have said, there's the prospect of another evacuation order if circumstances change – so we encourage everyone to pack an emergency kit and have an evacuation plan ready,” said Brad Kieserman, vice president, disaster operations and logistics for the Red Cross. “We are keeping many of our workers there on the ground and many disaster resources in place so that we’re ready to help thousands of people if the need arises.”