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Red Cross and Deloitte Team Up on IMPACT Day

Red Cross and Deloitte Team Up on IMPACT Day.
"Deloitte Impact Day 2016 at the American Red Cross was a fantastic experience."

Last Friday, nearly 70 Deloitte employees came out to the American Red Cross in Greater New York as part of the financial services firm’s 16th annual IMPACT Day. IMPACT Day is a nationwide celebration of Deloitte's commitment to local communities.

One of the group’s main projects was the assembly of approximately 1,000 comfort kits for veterans. The kits, which contain toiletries including soap, razors, washcloths and toothpaste, will be distributed by Red Cross teams at VA hospitals across the region. This activity was part of the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces program which works to offer vital resources and assistance to military members and their families.

“Thank you to Deloitte and to Deloitte employees for your commitment to our mission,” said Josh Lockwood, Greater New York Regional CEO, addressing the group in between their activities.

Lockwood gave the group an overview of the many programs and services of the Red Cross, including programs for military members, international services, blood collection, and of course, disaster response.

The Deloitte employees also received hands-on instruction in lifesaving CPR from a Greater New York Health and Safety Services instructors.

"Deloitte Impact Day 2016 at the American Red Cross was a fantastic experience," said Jason Rak, Audit Senior and IMPACT Day Site Lead. "All participants received CPR certification, a tool that will allow us to assist our community should we ever be required. We also assembled 1,000 comfort kits for veterans. It was an extremely rewarding day!"