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Red Cross Seeking Heroes Nominations in Delaware

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The American Red Cross will be celebrating ordinary people who have performed extraordinary acts of kindness in their community at the 2015 Delaware County Heroes Breakfast. 

The American Red Cross is requesting area citizens help to identify those unsung heroes. It might be a lifeguard who saved a drowning child, an ordinary citizen who performed CPR when a stranger collapsed, or someone who simply provided outstanding service to our community in one of the specified categories.

Do you know a citizen who has saved a life, helped a neighbor in need, or has made a difference in your community?  Heroes need not be famous, but simply a person who went above and beyond when the need arose. Click here to nominate a hero in Delaware County. Hero nominations will be accepted until Friday, October 9, 2015.

For more information, please contact Mark Garrison at 740-362-2021 ext. 114 or