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American Red Cross, Community Volunteers install 450 Free Smoke Alarms in Lebanon

Having working smoke alarms and an escape plan greatly increases your chances of getting out safely.

The American Red Cross and community volunteers joined together to install 450 free smoke alarms and educate residents on home fire preparedness on Saturday, April 22, 2017.

The event, in conjunction with the United Way of Lebanon County, was part of the Red Cross’ Home Fire Campaign which aims to reduce home fire deaths and related injuries by 25%. In addition to installing the alarms, volunteers worked with residents to create escape plans in the event of a fire.

 “A lot of people don’t realize they only have about two minutes to safely escape their home during a fire,” said Hope Roaten, Red Cross Disaster Program Manager. “Having working smoke alarms and an escape plan greatly increases your chance of getting out safely.”

Jeri Sims, Red Cross Central Pennsylvania Regional CEO added, “Our goal is to build stronger, more resilient communities and collaborating with community partners for initiatives like our Home Fire Campaign helps us achieve that.”

To date, the American Red Cross has documented 215 lives saved nationally thanks to the program.