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Red Cross and Partners Open Shelter for Families Affected by Pinnacle Mountain Wildfire

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Red Cross and partners have served more than 8,000 snacks and distributed nearly 1,500 relief items

Working with partners, the American Red Cross has opened a shelter in Pickens for families affected by the Pinnacle Mountain Wildfire and is continuing to support firefighters and emergency responders on the scene of the wildfire. Since the wildfire on Pinnacle Mountain began, Red Cross and partners have served more than 8,000 snacks and distributed nearly 1,500 relief items in support of the agencies responding to the fire.   


East Pickens Baptist Church, 2244 Gentry Memorial Hwy, Pickens, SC 29671

The Red Cross encourages anyone coming to a shelter to bring the following items for each member of their family: prescription and emergency medications, extra clothing, pillows, blankets, hygiene supplies, important documents and other comfort items. It's also important not to forget special items for children, such as diapers, formula and toys, and other items for family members who have unique needs.



The Red Cross is also urging families who may be affected by the wildfire to plan ahead and stay as safe as possible.

·         Plan and practice two ways out of your neighborhood in case your primary route is blocked.

·         Select a place for family members to meet outside your neighborhood in case you cannot get home or need to evacuate.

·         Identify someone who is out of the area to contact if local phone lines are not working.

·         Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

·         Listen to local radio and television stations for updated emergency information.

·         Always back your car into the garage or park it in an open space facing the direction of escape.

·         Confine pets to one room so that you can find them if you need to evacuate quickly.

·         Arrange for temporary housing at a friend or relative’s home outside the threatened area.

·         Listen and watch for air quality reports and health warnings about smoke.

·         Keep indoor air clean by closing windows and doors to prevent outside smoke from getting in.

·         Use the recycle or re-circulate mode on the air conditioner in your home or car. If you do not have air conditioning and it is too hot to stay inside with closed windows, seek shelter elsewhere.

·         When smoke levels are high, do not use anything that burns and adds to indoor air pollution, such as candles, fireplaces and gas stoves. Do not vacuum because it stirs up particles that are already inside your home.

·         If you have asthma or another lung disease, follow your health care provider's advice and seek medical care if your symptoms worsen.



For more information about what to do before, during, and after a wildfire, download the free Red Cross Emergency App. The all-inclusive Emergency app combines more than 35 emergency alerts to help keep the user safe. This latest app from the Red Cross provides information about what to do in case of floods, thunderstorms, hot weather, tornadoes, wildfires and more. Users can find it in smartphone app stores by searching for the American Red Cross or going to 


For more updates, follow the Palmetto SC Region of the American Red Cross on Twitter at @RedCrossSC