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Wells Fargo Donates to Support Wyoming Disaster Relief

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Donations ensure that we are immediately on the ground to help people in need.

In response to the Cole Creek wildfire that damaged and destroyed more than a dozen homes in Natrona County, Wells Fargo has donated $7,500 to support American Red Cross of Wyoming disaster relief efforts. 

The Red Cross of Wyoming provided food, clothing and shelter during and in the immediate aftermath of the wildfire. As residents were allowed back into the wildfire-affected area, the Red Cross distributed rakes, shovels, gloves and other supplies to help them clean up and delivered water to their neighborhoods. Red Cross nurses and mental health workers also helped residents replace lost medications and provided emotional support. The Red Cross continues to help affected residents as they begin their recovery, by providing financial assistance, referrals, and casework support.

“We want to help our communities, customers, team members, friends and neighbors who have been affected by this wildfire and may face a difficult recovery ahead,” said Joy Ott, region president for Wells Fargo in Montana and Wyoming. “We know our contribution will help fund the important work of the Red Cross in assisting Natrona County residents in their time of need. We truly appreciate their efforts.”

Nationally, Wells Fargo is one of 97 leading corporations that help ensure the Red Cross is ready to help people before and after a disaster strikes by participating in the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP) and Disaster Responder Program. Wells Fargo is a member of the Red Cross $500k Annual Disaster Giving Program.

Members of the program pledge donations in advance of major disasters, which provide the Red Cross with a reliable funding base to immediately respond. Funding from members supports Red Cross disaster relief activities, including sheltering, feeding, purchasing and distributing relief supplies, storing equipment, providing health and emotional support and reconnecting individuals separated during disasters.

 The $7,500 donation by Wells Fargo to the Red Cross is in addition to the company’s annual ADGP gift.

"We work hard to ensure that urgent relief is delivered at the scene of devastating disasters, and that our teams have the skills and equipment necessary to effectively assist and guide the disaster response," said Spencer Pollock, Executive Director of the Red Cross of Wyoming. "We are grateful to Wells Fargo for their annual ADGP support as well as this just-in-time disaster relief gift. No matter where the emergency occurs, or how large the disaster is, their contribution ensures that we are immediately on the ground to help people in need."

Red Cross volunteers are in their local communities every day, teaching preparedness and helping people cope with disasters big and small across the nation. ADGP members enable the Red Cross to improve community resilience in areas at higher risk for disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods and, most commonly, house fires.