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Mansfield Man Embodies Red Cross Spirit

Paul Hoy
“I came at a good time and it makes me feel good to play an active role in an organization that is so focused on the needs of our clients."

Have you ever spent time thinking about what your true passion is? You know- the thing that motivates you and puts the happy in your day? Recently I had the good fortune to spend some time with a true Red Crosser who lives out his values on a daily basis by serving others under the Red Cross umbrella: Paul Hoy of Mansfield.

Hoy has responded to over 50 disasters this past year. Most assignments have been at local fires, but he also served by sheltering and feeding after the Nemo blizzard and on the sheltering project that recently distributed storage trailers throughout the Eastern Massachusetts response area.

Hoy is a family man who has been married for 29 years to Kim and together they have two sons, Andrew, Adam and one daughter, Elise. He is an example of the hundreds of Eastern Mass Red Cross volunteers that share their time, talent and treasure with those in need without expecting anything in return. Such altruism is a rare find and it is always fascinating to explore how and why some folks find their way to our Red Cross family.

He began his lifetime of service to others when he was a young boy in New Jersey nearly thirty years ago. Hoy had his sights set on the ambulance corps but soon found out that he was too young to participate in their program. Shortly after he discovered the work of the American Red Cross and found his niche.

In New Jersey as a first time volunteer, Hoy trained as a Red Cross CPR instructor and then as a Disaster Services responder, logistics and is now the Disaster Captain for the Metro South Team. He found early on how gratifying it is to be part of a team that delivers hope to those in their darkest moments. Recently, Paul was deployed to Rockaway in New York after Superstorm Sandy.

“I prayed you would come and you did,” one victim said to Hoy.

Utilizing his Red Cross training and life experience in sales and marketing, Hoy has been able to merge the best of both worlds to become a strong and effective team builder, presenter and leader who appreciates the blessings that he and his family have enjoyed. He believes in leading by example, the importance of “giving back” and attributes the success of the team to his peers and their work ethic.

“I came at a good time and it makes me feel good to play an active role in an organization that is so focused on the needs of our clients,” he said.

Hoy is a real life example of the model volunteer. Paul Hoy Is the Red Cross!