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Massachusetts Legislators Get to Know the Red Cross

massachusetts legislators

Local elected officials last week got a first-hand look at American Red Cross operations during a special Legislative Breakfast last week.

Hosted at the Pioneer Valley Chapter, legislators toured Red Cross facilities, including the Service to Armed Forces Emergency Call Center and Nurse Assistant Training lab. They were served a full breakfast, which was sponsored by Harvard Pilgrim and prepared in the Red Cross Mobile Kitchen.

The event aimed to get officials better acquainted with Red Cross services.

"When disaster strikes, the American Red Cross of Massachusetts is there to provide help and hope to people in need as they cope with the devastating aftermath,” explained CEO Jarrett Barrios. “What many people don’t realize is that the Red Cross provides various other essential services to the community. From offering affordable, accessible nurse assistant and phlebotomy training to providing emergency communications between deployed troops and their families back home, the Red Cross provides a wide range of services across Massachusetts.”