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SMART Boxes Will Let Eastern Mass Volunteers Tend to Pets

SMART boxes will let Eastern Mass volunteers tend to pets
When fire strikes, many residents worry about their pets.

Thanks to our friends at the State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team, some American Red Cross vehicles are now better equipped to handle pets during disaster.

SMART donated more than 100 pet-carrying boxes to the Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts, which will be used when needed during responses.

“When fire strikes, many residents worry about their pets,” explained Leighton Jones, Disaster Services chief for Eastern Mass. “These boxes will help us keep the pets in a safe place while we tend to their owners’ immediate needs.”

The Red Cross signed a memorandum with SMART in June, cementing the partnership between the two organizations.

The agreement helps make sure human shelters are co-located with pet shelters, and put both agencies in the process – from planning, all the way to opening a shelter when disaster strikes.

The boxes also come with a list of tips for a pet emergency go-kit, which includes a collar with ID tag, leash or harness, important documents such as medical records and license number, trash bags and disinfectant, a picture of you and your pet, a familiar toy or blanket, a small amount of food, water and litter and a pet first aid kit.