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Client trusts Red Cross for information during disaster

They told us where we needed to go and gave updates on what was going on.

Information, some not so reliable, was abundant in the aftermath of the deadly flash flood August 7 in Waynesville, but Michele Fegurgur, who lost her home in the storm, trusted the American Red Cross to keep her in the know.

“We went to Red Cross immediately and registered,” Fegurgur said Tuesday as she waited for assistance during the first day of the Multi-Agency Relief Center (MARC) in Waynesville’s Westside Baptist Church.

Fegurgur, whose home on North Highway 17 was destroyed in the flood, made arrangements to stay at a local motel, but did rely on the Red Cross shelter volunteers for regular updates on response efforts in the Pulaski County community.

”I would check in with them on a daily basis to get information,” said Fegurgur, who escaped the flooding with her two sons, 24 and 28, two dogs and a cat. “There is so much information (out in the community) and you couldn’t be sure if it was correct. I would go the shelter every day.

“Everyone was really kind. If someone didn’t know the answer to a question they went and found the answer instead of making stuff up. That was very helpful. They told us where we needed to go and gave updates on what was going on.”

Fegurgur’s need for information continues and she came to the MARC to get assistance for her family’s next steps to recovery.

“I need help. We lost everything,” she said. “We just got clothes and my pictures. We just need help with funds to move on – to start over.”

Fegurgur was one of more than 120 family representatives that came through MARC registration and had their needs assessed.

She met with Red Cross client caseworkers and representatives of other relief agencies.

“It (the flooding) happened so quickly, but when we came here 10 years ago we came with five suitcases and $81 in our pocket,” Fegurgur said. “So, we know what it’s like to start over and we’re starting over right now.”

The MARC will be operational from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Friday at the Westside Baptist Church, 801 Historic Highway 66 West.

Red Cross is a lead agency for the MARC. Other agencies from the area, county and state will be on site to assist anyone impacted by the recent flooding. Clients do need to bring proof of their address.