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Hats Off to the Red Cross

Hats Off to the Red Cross
“The Red Cross was there with coffee, financial support, and peace of mind.” -Mabel Dobrovolny

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines looming as “a frame or machine for interlacing at right angles, two or more sets of threads or yarns to form a cloth”. It sounds difficult enough to most, but can you imagine doing it blind?

Mabel Dobrovolny is 93 years old, and almost completely blind. Despite these potential drawbacks, she still manages to loom hats to donate to charity.

“Losing your sight changes your life,” Mabel says. “But I’m not giving up.” At 12 hours of work per hat, she says looming is a perfect pastime that provides gratification and help to others.

Dobrovolny has donated to cancer clinics in hopes of providing help to Chemotherapy patients, and has recently begun donating the hats to the American Red Cross.

She said “I owe it to them for what they've done for me.”

Six years ago Dobrovolny’s fourth story high rise apartment was struck by lightning, resulting in a massive fire in which she lost almost everything.

“The Red Cross was there with coffee, financial support, and peace of mind.” She said. “They actually beat the fire truck there!”

Now Dobrovolny is giving back to the men and women who represent the Red Cross. Having just celebrated her 93rd birthday, Mabel is going strong and plans to keep providing help to the Red Cross through the donation of her hats.

The Red Cross wouldn't survive without donations, both big and small. These gifts, just like Dobrovolny’s, aid relief, prevent human suffering, and truly do make a difference.