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New Red Cross Flood App Available For Smart Phones

Red Cross Flood Response
Having this early warning system in your pocket is an invaluable tool.

The American Red Cross has launched a new app designed to help save lives and reduce property loss from floods and flash floods. The free Flood App has features and alerts that allow users to gain valuable information before, during and after a flood incident.

The app incorporates a number of interfaces that the user will find invaluable during inclement weather. An audible NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] flood and flash flood watch and warning has been included so that people can gather loved ones and head for safety. These alerts can save lives, as they work on a user’s smartphone, so watching TV, listening to the radio, or even being awake are not required. The alert will go directly to the user’s phone when a warning has been issued.

An “I’m Safe” button has also been integrated that allows users to send a message letting family and friends know they are out of harm’s way.

The app also has a toolkit with a flashlight, strobe light and alarm to let others know where you are, as well as a function in which the user can find locations of Red Cross shelters nearby in case they need to evacuate.

Floods are among the most frequent and costly disasters in the country. Here in Southern Nevada floods and flash floods come every year with our monsoon moisture. Having this early warning system in your pocket is an invaluable tool for even we desert dwellers. And all the information is available right in your pocket on your mobile device. This is important so that people can share warnings, preparedness information and their own status immediately with their social networks.

The Flood App is the latest in a series of Red Cross emergency preparedness apps that put lifesaving information right in the hands of people whenever they need it. These apps will allow people to make critical lifesaving decisions when faced with a disaster.

All Red Cross apps can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android by searching for American Red Cross or by going to

Apps are not a substitute for training. Go to to take a First Aid and CPR class so you’ll know what to do in case emergency help is delayed.