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AmeriCorps Searching for New Members in Central Ohio

Americorps members
AmeriCorps members are an essential part of providing Red Cross services.

AmeriCorps is scouring the Central Ohio region to find new Community Disaster Education members for the American Red Cross. AmeriCorps is devoted to providing participants the opportunity to serve their community in a variety of positions. Currently, the non-profit organization has ten openings across eight counties, and would like to fill them by the end of September.

Most of the positions currently available involve presentations to groups and schools on a variety of preparedness topics. AmeriCorps members are an essential part of providing Red Cross services and working with volunteers to coordinate these messages. And they’re very busy. Last year, more than 52,000 students or group members attended these sessions and learned how to protect themselves and their family during an emergency. AmeriCorps members often get involved in other departments at the Red Cross as well, responding to disasters, assessing damage and providing assistance to those affected. As a member of AmeriCorps, personal satisfaction comes in the form of knowing you’ve had a positive impact on the lives of others, often when they need it the most..

AmeriCorps delivers a rewarding service opportunity which includes hands-on experience in preparedness education and disaster relief and recovery. Additionally, members receive benefits that include a stipend, education award, and healthcare.

Positions that are currently open include Specialist in Volunteer Resources and Emergency Services Specialist for the Greater Columbus Chapter of the Red Cross. Additionally, AmeriCorps is looking for Community Disaster Education members in these Central Ohio counties:

  • Fairfield
  • Athens
  • Marion
  • Delaware
  • Fayette
  • Washington
  • For more information on these positions, please visit