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Volunteers Are Honored At Appreciation and Recognition Dinner

Red Cross Lehigh Valley Appreciation Dinner
Since January 1, 2014, our volunteers have donated the equivalent of over $28,937 in service hours

On May 14, 2014, the American Red Cross of the Greater Lehigh Valley held a Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition Dinner to honor its volunteers. 

Each year, the Greater Lehigh Valley chapter recognizes volunteers that demonstrate a commitment to the organization, make a positive impact in the community, and exemplify the mission of the Red Cross. This year, Regional Chief Administrative Officer Bob Duld spoke about the impact the chapter’s 351 volunteers have on the bottom line.

"An hour of a volunteer’s time is equal to approximately $22.14 per hour,” Duld said, referring to a survey by the Corporation for National and Community Service. "Since January 1, 2014, our volunteers have donated the equivalent of over $28,937 in service hours.”

Extraordinary volunteer awards were presented to individuals who go above and beyond their responsibilities. Anniversary awards were presented to volunteers with 5 to 30 years of service. Two volunteers were recognized for 30 years of service to the Greater Lehigh Valley Red Cross. 

"Walter Buzin is our Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) star and has been volunteering for over a year,” said Jennifer Pierce, SAF and International Services Director. "He has mailed hundreds of introductory letters to the families of new military recruits, in addition to representing the Red Cross at events benefiting homeless veterans.”

"Sarah Goldy-Brown has been an invaluable member of the Red Cross Communications Team,” said Regional Communications Officer, Jennifer LoConte. "She is a creative and highly productive team player. We are lucky to have her on board.”


The following volunteers were presented with Extraordinary Volunteer Awards:  

  • Robert Myers - Disaster Services
  • Walter Buzin - Service to Armed Forces 
  • Christine Carpino - International Services
  • Desty Bonstein - Development 
  • Sarah Goldy-Brown – Communications
  • Killeen Snyder - Administration 
  • Kayla Lower - Parkland Red Cross Club Advisor, Youth Services
  • Jim Thorpe Blood Volunteers - Irene Dedinsky, Beverly Delay, John Meckes, Judith Smith, Louise Thear, Bertha Meckes, Connie Herman, Biomedical Services.    


The following volunteers were presented with 2014 Service Anniversary Awards:

5 year

  • Jack Gross
  • Bill Coles
  • Michael Mickey
  • Lucille Andrews
  • Gail Farnham
  • Kenneth MacKenzie
  • Susan Roth
  • Rebecca Kulik
  • Ingrid Martz
  • Terry Norcott-Gibbons
  • Robert Davis
  • Paige Keeter
  • Jeanette Agosto
  • Brian Ptashinski
  • Stephen Ebbert


10 year

  • Brad Greenawald
  • Louise Thear
  • Judith Smith
  • Margaret Stoudt
  • Desty Bonstein
  • Sharon Christian
  • Raymond Skotek
  • Jack Penrose
  • Barbara Penrose
  • Robin Wolak
  • Irwin Burmil


15 year

  • James Harper
  • Jon Conrad
  • Robert Foltz


20 year

  • John Weaver
  • Irene Dedinsky
  • Bertha Meckes
  • Jeffrey Kindler
  • Joan Steinmetz
  • Rhynier Minnick
  • Lisa Taylor


25 year

  • John Meckes


30 year

  • Beverly Delay
  • Robert McGovern


Looking for a way to give back to your community? Become an American Red Cross volunteer. The Red Cross relies on volunteers to help carry out its humanitarian work. At the Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross, volunteers constitute 94% of our total workforce. We look to Red Cross volunteers to help people prepare for emergencies, provide training in lifesaving skills, assist those affected by disaster, help at blood drives and so much more. Everyone has something special to offer, including you.

Find more information on volunteering with the Red Cross