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Practicing What We Preach: Employee Training

Red Cross Philadelphia Employee CPR Training
By doing this, we’re setting the example for something that we teach, we’re also setting the example for those in the community.

Throughout May and June, the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPA) conducted employee CPR, AED and First-Aid certification. The training, which requires recertification every two years, allows new employees to gain essential skills for use in the event of emergency and veteran employees a chance to renew and review their knowledge and stay fresh and ready for emergencies. SEPA does this in order to make sure that everyone at the Red Cross is prepared to help. The goal is to have all employees newly certified or current with certifications by June 30th.

Not everyone knows how to react when someone goes into cardiac arrest or suffers a severe injury right in front of them. That’s why certification in CPR, AED and First-Aid is not only important for Red Cross employees, it is also important for the community.

SEPA Chief Operating Officer Clifton Salas explained that CPR, AED and First-Aid training is “part of our mission and it’s part of our safety rules. We require all of our employees to get certification in both CPR and First-Aid. By doing this, we’re setting the example for something that we teach, we’re also setting the example for those in the community.”

In a recent CPR, AED and First-Aid training class, SEPA CEO Judge Renée Cardwell Hughes joined employees in the hands-on lesson that taught participants how to respond to common first aid emergencies, as well as cardiac and breathing emergencies using a CPR manikin and AED training machine. Participants learned tips to stay on track when performing chest compressions as well as the specific ways to keep themselves safe while responding to an emergency. There is a lot of information, but Red Cross instructors pass on the essential information to all participants so they can be ready if and when emergencies strike.

Performing CPR immediately after cardiac-arrest can double the victim’s chance of survival. Being certified in CPR, AED and First-Aid could mean saving the life of someone you love. Something to remember is that it is more likely rescuers will perform life-saving skills on someone they know… a coworker, relative or friend.

By the end of June, all SEPA employees will have the essential knowledge they need to help care for others in an emergency.

You can take training as well and be ready when an emergency strikes. Sign up today by clicking on Take a Class or calling 1-800-RED CROSS.

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