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Berks County Red Cross Contributes to Holiday Mail for Heroes

The Red Cross chapters of the Northeast Pennsylvania region have been doing a great deal to help out our service members and veterans this past holiday season. Thousands of holiday cards have been delivered to make our service members and veterans feel appreciated and thanked for all they do for us. Specifically, the Berks County Chapter has done a fantastic job for the Holiday Mail for Heroes program.  

A number of people in the Berks community went out of their way to help out our service members and veterans. On December 21st, Scott Lohin, a Berks County Service to the Armed Forces Outreach and Briefings volunteer, assisted with a veteran’s stand down event.  The event helped to supply homeless veterans with food, toiletries, clothing, and haircuts.  He passed out holiday cards to homeless veterans who attended the event.  Scott is a student at Kutztown University and also serves on the Student Government Board.

The Berks Chapter operates a “Veteran’s Transportation Program”, that transports veterans daily to the Lebanon VA Medical Center.  The veterans are picked up, taken to the medical center, and dropped back off at their homes.  All veterans that ride with the program anytime throughout the year are eligible to receive a Holiday Christmas Basket. The veterans can choose either ham or turkey and will receive all the trimming for a holiday meal, donated by various schools, colleges, and businesses. This year, the Berks County Chapter provided over 300 veterans with a holiday basket. Schools and colleges made holiday cards throughout the area that were included in the baskets. 

An article highlighting the Holiday Mail for Heroes was published on the Republican Herald website, showing how citizens of Berks County could help out our service members during the holiday season. Janet Curtis, Executive Director of Berks and Schuylkill County Chapters, said “Spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors, and let's give something that means something to our military men and women, veterans and their families around the world in gratitude for their service.”

Holiday Mail for Heroes was a major success for the Berks County Chapter this year.  Thank you to the Berks County Chapter, Scott Lohin, the Veteran’s Transportation Program and our dedicated drivers, the Republican Herald, all who helped with the Holiday Mail for Heroes program and of course our service members and veterans!