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Red Cross Assisting With Sheltering In Wake of Winter Storm

young boy in red cross shelter in trenton
Red Cross workers were transported by snowmobile to respond to people impacted by a winter storm.

Yesterday, Red Cross workers were transported by snowmobile in order to begin actively responding to people impacted by the storm in our area. Last night, we sheltered 35 residents at Central High School in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Due to imposed travel restrictions, the shelter residents were primarily stranded motorists retrieved by emergency responders. Four of the residents were victims of a house fire in Rapid City. A shelter was also opened in Spearfish, SD where a Red Cross worker is assisting. The Emergency Operations Center in Deadwood, SD also placed stranded individuals into shelter. Red Cross volunteers from across South Dakota and North Dakota are arriving tomorrow with additional supplies and equipment. Once roads are passable we will have teams of Red Cross workers providing support and assistance to our community. We will work closely with other community based organizations, such as the Salvation Army, to increase available resources.

We were impressed by the number of people who heeded the warnings about the intensity of the storm, made appropriate preparations for their families, and stayed in the safety of their homes.