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Moms Happy to Return to Prom

Red Cross Chattanooga Mom Prom
We can’t miss the Mom Prom!

For a high school girl, there are few things more stressful than prom night: The dress, the make-up, the up-do, the limo, the dinner reservation, and the anxiety over what will certainly be an awkward kiss goodnight. Now add 30 years to the mix and imagine the results.

You’re left with a unique and exciting event known as Mom Prom.

The third annual female empowerment event was recently held at McMinn County High School.

The gala which helps benefit the American Red Cross drew a crowd of women of all ages. 20-somethings and 50-somethings alike could be spotted grooving to modern crowd-pleasers like Justin Bieber as well as to 80’s legend Cyndi Lauper.

Among the attendees were mother and daughter Mary Brown and Brandy Peake who dressed up in fun, blue-laced formal dresses that could be spotted a mile away.

Brown has attended every Mom Prom since the event started, “We can’t miss the Mom Prom!,” she said. “You HAVE to come to it every year!”

Brown is also a Red Cross Volunteer teaching swimming lessons and providing assistance following disasters.

The sold out event helped raised over $25,000 for the Red Cross. Most of that money will be used to help families in East Tennessee get back on their feet after a disaster.