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Red Cross Announces Partnership with State Farm

Red Cross Utah - Pillowcase Project Certificate
These funds will make Utah a safer community.

The American Red Cross is pleased to announce that State Farm has provided the Utah Region with a $19,000 Good Neighbor Citizenship grant to support Disaster Cycle Services. “The Red Cross functions in a continuing cycle of Preparedness, Response, and Recovery and the funds from State Farm will be used to support Safety Preparedness programs in the state of Utah” said Heidi Ruster Utah Region CEO. “The funds from this grant will clearly make Utah’s communities safer” she adds.

“We have a longstanding national partnership with the American Red Cross and we understand the importance of providing support at a local level, helping communities prepare for the unexpected,” says State Farm Community Specialist Kelly Pargett.

The top preparedness and safety campaign for the Red Cross right now is the Home Fire Campaign designed to cut fire deaths by installing free smoke alarms where needed and educating families on fire safety, such as drafting an evacuation plan while making their homes safer.

The Pillowcase Project is a preparedness education program for children in grades 3 – 5, which teaches students about personal and family preparedness, local hazards, and basic coping skills. Generally given as a 60 minute presentation by Red Cross volunteers, the program leads students through a “learn, practice, share” framework to engage them in disaster preparedness. Students receive a sturdy pillowcase upon completion of the program in which they are encouraged to build their personal emergency supplies kit. Presentations are customized to focus on a hazard that is important and relevant to the local community.

The Red Cross is seeking canvassing team volunteers for the Home Fire Campaign to either install smoke alarms or provide safety information. Anyone interested should contact Justine Jennings at (801) 323-7022 or email her at