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Red Cross Provides Ongoing Assistance for Affected Communities

Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.

In March 2014, a sudden landslide swept away a one- mile stretch of homes near the rural community of Oso, Wash., leaving a devastating imprint on the nearby towns of Darrington and Arlington. In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, more than 500 American Red Cross volunteers—half hailing from within the state—moved swiftly to help survivors. They served 29,000 meals and snacks to affected families and first responders, offered shelter for people with nowhere else to go and handed out thousands of comfort and relief items.

Powered by compassionate donations, the Red Cross continues to deliver vital assistance to affected families and communities as they recover and rebuild. We are providing direct financial aid for health and emotional support as well as housing solutions for people who lost their homes—including construction-related costs, mortgage assistance, furniture and appliance replacement expenses, security deposits, rent and utilities.

The Red Cross is working in close coordination with community leaders and government and nonprofit partners to help meet families’ specific needs and ensure ongoing disaster case management for impacted residents. This effective collaboration also means that children have emotional support in school; that residents and survivors have access to a broad network of mental health professionals and resources; that depleted local food banks have been restocked; and that more than 500 emergency kits will be distributed to strengthen community preparedness.

The Red Cross has raised nearly $4.8 million to assist people affected by the Washington landslide. As of February 23, 2015, the Red Cross has already spent or committed to spend $3.7 million on emergency relief and recovery efforts, and remaining funds will be spent to meet recovery and preparedness needs in the affected communities.

Because of the generosity of our donors, the Red Cross can keep our commitment to these communities—offering critical assistance through the entire disaster cycle, from emergency response and recovery to helping them become better prepared for future emergencies.

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