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American Red Cross of Wyoming – Hometown Heroes

American Red Cross Heroes
Hometown Heroes touch our lives each day - making us feel safe, making us feel proud.

Do You Know a Hero?

Heroes are the backbone of every hometown and represent the essence of the American Red Cross. Hometown Heroes touch our lives each day - making us feel safe, making us feel proud.

Nominate your hero for the American Red Cross of Wyoming’s Hometown Heroes program.

The Hometown Heroes’ Campaign is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of humanitarianism by honoring the everyday heroes of our hometown communities.

Each year the Hometown Heroes Campaign honors local individuals who have had an extraordinary impact on the community or have demonstrated the values of courage, character, humanity, or personal initiative. Members of the community are invited to nominate a local hero for recognition. Finalists will be selected from all nominees for local recognition and will be selected by a committee of individuals from our community, including former Hometown Hero recipients.

Do you know a firefighter who entered a burning building to rescue a trapped family? A passerby who jumped into a frozen lake to pull a drowning child to safety? A neighbor who administered CPR to a total stranger? A dog that alerted its family to a fire? Let us know.

Heroes Categories

  • Animal Rescue/Pet Hero – Presented to an individual or organization in the animal control or advocacy field or to a special pet.
  • Inspirational – Presented to an individual or organization that consistently demonstrates a commitment to making a difference in the community.
  • Education Hero – Presented to a professional or volunteer educator whose actions have a profound influence on a member or members of the community.
  • Emergency Services Hero – Presented to a Firefighter, Law Enforcement Professional, EMS Provider, 911 Dispatcher, other medical, law enforcement staff, or volunteer whose actions went above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Military Hero – Presented to an individual(s) or group who honors the responsibilities and tasks of serving as active duty personnel, Guard, or Reserves.
  • Volunteer/Unsung Hero – Presented to individual, group, or organization exemplifying the spirit of volunteerism and exemplifying extraordinary service to the community or an individual.
  • Workplace Safety Hero – Presented to an individual, group, or organization who works hard to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of fellow workers and the work environment.
  • Youth Hero – Presented to an individual, group, or organization who are under 18 years of age and perform heroic service or a heroic action in their community.