Behind The Red Volunteer Day at Heil Valley Ranch

Behind The Red

Seventeen Behind The Red volunteers will use hand tools to rake thick piles of pine needles away from large trees and assist in similar fire mitigation activities on Boulder County Open Space property.

In an effort to restore Boulder County forests, Boulder County Parks & Open Space performs forest thinning operations as part of their larger restoration and fire mitigation efforts. Thinning decreases overall tree density but does little to remove accumulated surface and ground fuels. Recent studies have reported higher than normal old-growth tree mortality during prescribed fires and attribute it to smoldering duff layers surrounding these trees. Under the right conditions, temperatures in these layers can get high enough to kill the living tissue underneath the bark eventually killing some trees. To minimize damage to older trees during prescribed fire, it is recommended that accumulated material be manually raked away from the base of select trees.

Red Cross Behind The Red Volunteers will step up to help with this manual raking away of materials.

This project is one of many volunteer projects happening across the state as part of Colorado's May 4 Wildfire Day of Service. To find out more about the Day of Service and browse other volunteer opportunities, visit

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To sign up for this event, please e-mail Meike Schierer with your name and contact information. If you plan to bring guests, make sure to include their names, as well.