Heroes Campaign, Northwest Michigan Chapter

Northwest Michigan Red Cross, Heroes Campaign Event Photo

The Concept is Simple

You Get to Run Your Own Fundraiser

** Between April 15th and May 17th **

Select how much you plan to raise:

  • $250 – Bronze
  • $500 – Silver
  • $1000 – Gold
  • Use any legal means you choose.

    Click here to see our Ideas Page for activities you can host to help raise money for local relief.

    Involve your friends, employer, church, school, or civic club to support your fundraising efforts. Show us your creative side and you could win most unique fundraiser.

    Be part of the community-wide effort to help your American Red Cross of Northwest Michigan raise the money needed to provide vital and possibly life saving services to our local community. Funds collected between April 15th and May 17th will be tallied towards your “Heroes” pledge.

    To sign up, fill out the form by clicking here, or call our office at 231-947-7286 ext. 7416.

    You can even use our NEW, Online Heroes Donation Site to set up your own team or individual link and accept donations online to help reach your goal.


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  • Fundraising Ideas