National Preparedness Month - Colorado

Prep game plan

Sept. 1-30,2013

September is National Preparedness Month. Check out this calendar of community preparedness events in Colorado.

Please note: this is a community calendar and not all events are sponsored by or endorsed by the Red Cross, nor is this a comprehensive list of all events statewide.

What’s Your Game Plan?

Safeguard yourself and the people you care about by taking a few easy actions every week in September to be better prepared for disasters and emergencies. When lives are at stake, every moment matters – and having a plan ahead of time can save lives, reduce losses and help you recover faster.

Participate during National Preparedness Month, and you could win a Red Cross crank and solar-powered emergency radio and flash light!

Here’s how:

1. Download the “What’s Your Game Plan?” checklist. Think of it as a scavenger hunt to find your way to preparedness!

2. Complete at least one item on the check list per week –ideally you’ll check off all of them.

3. Take a picture of yourself with showing what you did to be more prepared. You can download and print out our fun Game Plan Whiteboards to help share your success!

4. Upload your photos to Twitter (use #GamePlan) or post them on our wall at and tag yourself.

5. The week of Sept. 29, PRACTICE YOUR PLAN! Practice evacuating to one of your emergency meet-up points and check-in on social media. Use the hashtag #GamePlan and post a pic.

On Oct. 1, we will randomly draw four winners from among those who posted their Game Plan activities on Facebook or Twitter. You can also enter in the drawing by emailing your photos to*

The winners will each receive an Eton MicrolinkFR160 Safety Preparedness Radio that can be powered by crank or by solar power and includes a built-in USB cell-phone charger.

Here’s why:

Disasters strike suddenly and often without warning. If you don’t already have a plan, you may not have time to make one. Think about:

  • If your home was on fire, how would you get out? What if one exit was blocked?
  • If an emergency happened at your child’s school, how would you get touch with your child? Where you would pick him or her up?
  • If a tornado or blizzard downed cell towers and closed roads, how would you communicate with your loved ones? Where would you go? How would you get there?
  • If a truck spilled hazardous materials in your neighborhood what would you do? How would you know whether to evacuate or shelter in place?
  • If your home was destroyed, would you lose documents like your marriage license, social security card, prescriptions, and passport? How would you replace them?
  • Making a Game Plan will help answer questions like these – increasing your ability to survive a disaster and making recovery a little easier.
  • Here’s what:

    Each week in September, take a few specific actions to increase your level of preparedness.

  • Week 1: Ensure you have access to critical information like your emergency plan, important documents, insurance data, and the types of emergency alerts and apps that will notify you if you are in danger.
  • Week 2: Make sure you have a way to communicate with and stay connected to loved ones when disaster strikes. Have out-of-area emergency contacts and a way to communicate if phone lines are affected.
  • Week 3: Have a plan and resources in place in case a disaster closes roads, businesses and services and you have to be self-sufficient. That means having enough supplies to take care of yourself, your loved ones and your pets for at least 3 days, as well as knowing how you’ll receive emergency updates.
  • Week 4: Know your evacuation routes and locations in case you have to evacuate from your home, school or workplace. Establish emergency meet-up locations so that family, loved ones or coworkers know where to meet in case communication lines are affected.
  • Week 5: Practice your plan! Practice evacuating to one of your emergency meet-up points, and walk through your emergency plan with family, friends, neighbors or coworkers.
  • Download the full Game Plan Checklist here.

    Contest Details:

    *Contest runs Sept. 1-30,2013. Participants can enter to win one of four emergency radios by posting a photo or text describing their preparedness activities to either (a) Twitter, using #GamePlan (b) the Red Cross Mile High Chapter Facebook page at or (c) by e-mailing On Oct. 1, the Red Cross will perform a random drawing from among the names of those who submitted their preparedness activities. Winner will be contacted and must either provide a mailing address for the radio to be shipped to or must come in person during business hours to 444 Sherman St., Denver, CO, by Oct. 31 to claim their prize.