Sara Hopkins Woodruff Spectrum Awards for Women


The Spectrum Awards For Women annually recognizes outstanding women whose efforts have made significant contributions to the quality of life in South Florida. These leadership awards acknowledge the humanitarian principles of the American Red Cross: Humanity, Impartiality, Independence, Unity, Neutrality, and Voluntary Service. “Spectrum” refers to women's impact across the broad scope of community life and also reflects the spectrum of cultures represented in our community. Over 420 community leaders attended the prestigious Spectrum luncheon in 2012 and raised more than $175,000 for the vital life-saving programs and services of the American Red Cross South Florida Region.


COUNCIL OF CHAIRMEN: Phillis Oeters, Ileana Bravo, Jessi Berrin, C.L. Conroy, Josie Goytisolo, Mona Adams,

Susan T. Jones, Doreen Lima, Emily Marquez-Dulin, Hilda Mitrani, Arely Ruiz, Virginia Sanchez, Marielena Villamil, Sandy Wayland, and Rosalind R. Zacks.

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