The Journey Forward - Dallas

storm damage

October marks a year since devastating Hurricane Sandy ravaged the northeast. This massive superstorm displaced thousands, and the Red Cross was one of the first non-profits on the scene to provide aid.

Help us celebrate the over 600 amazing people in our own North Texas communities who gave their time, blood, and money to help those suffering. As part of this amazing event you will hear from volunteers and families involved in Sandy, and from elected officials and emergency managers who are in charge of planning for disasters in our local communities.

Hear about triumphs and lessons from Sandy and what the picture looks like moving forward for stronger and more resilient communities and a ready Red Cross.

As a sneak peak: MEET TOM AND JEANNE GARGIULO, a family from New York traveling to DFW to personally thank those who contributed to help during their time of need. Tom and Jeanne survived the storm, but incurred severe damage to their home and neighborhood. Hear their personal account of the storm and what their community looks like today.

You don’t want to miss this amazing event! The event is free of charge and dinner will be provided for those attending.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Dallas Panel

  • Doug Bass, Homeland Security Emergency Manager
  • Nikki Beneke, Chair Person NTX Long Term Recovery Council
  • Julio Campos, Red Cross Sandy Volunteer Mass Care Feeding Service Associate
  • Tom and Jeanne Gargiulo, Long Island family directly impacted by Hurricane Sandy
  • Anngie Johnson, Red Cross Sandy Volunteer Client Casework Manager
  • Lauren McCrary, Blood Recipient
  • David McCurdy, DFW Airport Emergency Manager
  • Larry Mowry, CBS Chief Meteorologist
  • Mathieu Nelessen, New Jersey Red Cross CEO
  • Holly Reed, AT&T Senior Vice President External Affairs
  • Dr. James Williams, Red Cross Sandy Volunteer Shelter Manager