Volunteer Training - Hurricane Relief


Volunteers are needed to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and in preparation for the potential impact of Hurricane Irma. The American Red Cross is offering an intensive training for anyone interested in deploying to assist.

The Red Cross deploys volunteers to areas of disaster by matching up their skills with the needs of that community.

Volunteers travel costs, food and shelter during their deployment are covered by the Red Cross. Individuals who complete this intensive course may be eligible to deploy for 14-days to assist in shelters. Assignment to assist with Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma is not guaranteed due to the changing needs.

Requirements for attendees:

- Able to deploy for a minimum of 14 days sometime during the next two months.

- Valid Driver’s License.

- Ability to clear a background check completed by the Red Cross.

- Ability to complete an online intake process to enter the Red Cross volunteer system.

Pre-registration is required

Questions? Contact Ausia at 605-336-2448 x2323

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