Orange County Heroes Luncheon

2018 Heroes Luncheon - Celebrate Our Local Heroes

Every day, we’re surrounded by heroes. Ordinary people with extraordinary courage. The Orange County Heroes Luncheon raises public awareness of local heroes who carry out the mission of the Red Cross every day.

The Heroes Luncheon will take place on May 3, 2018 at Hotel Irvine.

Local heroes will be recognized in the following award categories:

  • Community Hero: Presented to a person that has demonstrated outstanding heroism, skill, commitment or resourcefulness in attempt to save one or more lives by utilizing skills aligned with those taught in American Red Cross programs such as CPR/AED/First Aid or other health and preparedness training.
  • Youth Hero (age 18 or younger):  Presented to a youth in the community who has demonstrated courage, initiative and/or compassion in the spirit of the American Red Cross in service to another individual or the welfare of the region.
  • Animal Welfare Hero: Presented to an animal that has protected a human or another animal in a time of need, to a person who has rescued an animal from a traumatic situation, to an animal that is making a difference to impact someone’s life, or to an individual involved in the care of animals.
  • Service to the Armed Forces Hero: Presented to a member of the armed forces (active or retired, commissioned or non-commissioned) whose heroic action(s) demonstrated exceptional courage or improved the welfare of the military community. This award may be presented posthumously and may also be awarded to ROTC members or civilians/organizations that have made a significant impact on the military community.
  • First Responder Hero: Presented to a professional or volunteer serving as a law enforcement official, firefighter, first responder or responder in the medical or healthcare field. This award is presented to a person or persons who has exhibited heroism in their response to an emergency, on or off-duty, through acts of courage or selflessness.
  • Corporate Hero: A business or organization that has contributed significantly to the American Red Cross and/or made a positive impact in our community.
  • Give Life Hero: An individual or group that supports the lifesaving mission of the American Red Cross through blood or platelet donations or inspiring others to give blood or platelets.
  • We hope you’ll join us for an unforgettable afternoon as we celebrate those in who have made a personal commitment to creating safer and stronger communities and providing help when disaster strikes.

    Watch a preview here.

    For more information, please contact Event Specialist Guinevere Endter at or (714) 481-5411.