2016 Run for Blood

Minnesota Red Cross Run for Blood

The need for Blood is constant, in fact, every two seconds someone in America needs blood. There is no alternative to blood transfusions for accident victims, women giving birth, cancer patients, people undergoing surgery, and children with blood disorders. The chances are high that you or someone you know will need a blood transfusion in your lifetime.

This family-friendly event invites you, your children, family and friends to come and help the American Red Cross raise awareness and save lives.

Join us for the 2016 Run / Walk For Blood:

• Participate in the 5K as a runner or walker

• Create a team

• Invite friends and family to donate blood while you run/walk

• Cheer on the runners and walkers

Donate blood and save up to 3 lives with your one donation

To register as an individual or as a team please visit 2016 Run For Blood 5K.

For more information on the 2016 Run / Walk for Blood 5K please contact Trinity Dix at trinity.dix@redcross.org or (612) 460-3663