Prepare Out Loud

Prepare Out Loud

What is Prepare Out Loud?

It’s a shift in thinking. It’s a change in the way we behave. It’s about creating a culture of preparedness.

A Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake will directly impact millions of people along the West Coast from California to Canada. An earthquake of this magnitude will disrupt travel, communication and access to essential services like water and electricity throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Individual and family preparedness is both essential and feasible.

Tens of thousands of people in the Pacific Northwest have already quietly started gathering supplies like food and water and creating family emergency plans. Now is the time for all of us to join the preparedness movement, not quietly, but out loud.

To Prepare Out Loud means taking simple steps to prepare yourself and your family for a disaster and sharing how you’re preparing with others.

It’s simple: Prepare then Share. Prepare Out Loud.

Resources to Prepare Out Loud:

Purchase discounted Mountain House kit supplies and give back to the Red Cross

Red Cross Prepare Guide: a local disaster preparedness resource guide

Within this guide you will find:

  • Disaster preparedness kit-building checklist
  • How to make a family emergency plan
  • Preparedness tips for seniors
  • Preparedness tips for pets
  • Information about water sources and storage
  • Earthquake prep checklist: Cascadia Conversation Kit - simple things you can do now to start preparing your home and family
  • Emergency App: a free Red Cross app that provides emergency updates, shelter information and family reunification tools. Download the app for free on iPhone and Android by searching for the Red Cross Emergency App in the app store.
  • OPB Aftershock: enter your address for a custom report on your seismic risks and how to prepare.
  • Oregon Live Tsunami Evacuation Centers Map: Using data from Oregon's Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, this map shows locations of schools, hospitals, fire stations and other "critical resources" in red. Evacuation centers are in purple.
  • Purchase a Kit: Click here to buy emergency kits and supplies, weather radios, flashlights, and other emergency essentials.
  • How do I Prepare Out Loud?

  • Share this link information (via email, social media and word of mouth) In this case, silence is not golden. Prepare Out Loud! Learn how and why at
  • Share what you are doing to prepare on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. EX: social post: “Preparedness baby steps. Today, I secured my water heater and purchase bottled water. #Earthquake #PrepareOutLoud”
  • Attend a Prepare Out Loud presentation in your community. More details to come on upcoming dates and locations.
  • Hold an earthquake preparedness neighborhood meeting. Here’s information on a meeting the Willamette Heights neighborhood held.
  • For information on the Prepare Out Loud Salem event, click here.