Discuss Int'l Humanitarian Law, Watch the Movie “Restrepo”

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Movie Description: In viewing the film, Restrepo, viewers are visually and emotionally deployed together with an army combat team to Afghanistan's remote Korangal Valley - infamous as the most dangerous and unforgiving outpost in the War on Terror. The result is a stark yet honest look at the very conditions to which International Humanitarian Law responds, and raises, among many, the questions: What defines a combatant? What activities should be off limits? How does a soldier self-impose the discipline necessary to comply with IHL under the worst conditions possible?

Series description:

All's fair in love and war. Or is it?

In fulfilling the role of community educator in the fundamentals of International Humanitarian Law, The American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts is presenting its first IHL Film and Forum Series, where, touching on concepts raised on the Big Screen, the very foundational ideals of International Humanitarian Law can be challenged, prodded, and ultimately reinforced.

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