Tiffany Hall Memorial CPR Training Day

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The American Red Cross Pioneer Valley Chapter is one of several sponsors of the Tiffany Hall Memorial CPR Training Day taking place November 16, at the Dunbar YMCA Family and Community Center, 33 Oak Street in Springfield, with sessions at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. This is the second annual event, held in remembrance of Tiffany Hall, a young single mother of two, who choked to death in her home in April 2012. Her untimely death led her family to become advocates of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training in the Greater Springfield community.

"We're proud to support the Hall family and this important event with certified instructors to teach hands-only CPR," said Dawn Leaks, Red Cross Director of Communications. "Red Cross training can give people the skills and confidence they need to act in an emergency and to save lives".

Hands-only CPR is a potentially lifesaving technique involving no mouth to mouth contact. Research has shown that continuous hands-only CPR can be effective in caring for a person with no signs of life when a rescuer is unable, untrained or unwilling to perform full CPR.

One quarter of Americans report that they have been in a situation where someone may have needed CPR. The course will teach participants when and how to perform hands-only CPR . Participants of all ages are welcome. A minimum donation of $10 per person to support the Tiffany Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund is appreciated.

Additionally, coinciding with the hands-only CPR training, there will be a separate class held with limited seating for childcare workers who wish to become fully CPR certified.

To register or for more information about the Tiffany Hall Memorial CPR Training Day, please contact Caitlin Donovan at (413) 206-5653 or email -

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